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Company Profile

Nformation of company
Dongguan city, HuangChong YinZhou Paper Co., Ltd , founded in 1987, Nearly 30 years of development and growth, at present, the company has developed into an area of 300,000 square meters, the production value of 1.5 billion yuan, with an annual output of more than 500,000 tons of large wrapping paper manufacturer. Company located in the Pearl River, East River's northernmost Zhongtang town, Dongguan city, Huang Chung Village, North of Guangzhou, Shenzhen in Southern soil , abjacent to Hong Kong and Macau. Land and water transportation network, and extending in all directions, location, companies have their own Terminal logistics is very convenient.
Reputation of product quality
Wrapping of the companies using waste paper and wood pulp as raw materials production enterprises, in line with national guidance of circular economy and clean production industry, State encourages the development of industry leading products for the paper, corrugated paper, etc, has been selling the Pearl River Delta region, some are exported to other provinces, its production capacity and market share have been among the by clients of all ages and high praise. For 13 consecutive years from 2002 the company was named "the contract and trustworthy enterprise"; the beginning of 2010, "Silver island" brand trademark by Guangdong Province, identified as "famous trademark" in 2010, the company passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 certification. The company is strong.
Strong of technology power 
In June 2007, the company in municipal government under the guidance of industry transformation, product upgrade policy, eliminate backward production capacity demolishing old buildings, investment of 500 million Yuan, the expansion of two of the most advanced level of multi-cylinder Triassic paper Kraft paperboard machine at high speed, was formally put into production in September 2008 to reach designed production capacity. Paper machine drive system uses a top-level inverters, controllers, and pulp and paper making process DCS, QCS system control. Pulping system uses OCC pulping production line, equipped with a 12DR large hydraulic pulper, high consistency pulper, for dispersing equipment, large-diameter grinding machine, Valmet dryer paper machine Headbox, multi and other advanced equipment. The project operation efficiency, stability, has annual production of more than 400,000 tons, width 4.8 metres, speeds up to 760m/min, becoming the company's main product line. Company pays attention to the training of professional and technical personnel, technical experts, now has a staff of more than 1200 people, with a large number of professional technicist and selling groups, as the company continued to provide strong human resources development support. 2007 Dongguan for 6 consecutive years of "industrial champions" title. Company advocate greening and environmental protection.
New concept of green environmental
Company in the development of the economy, a comprehensive industrial upgrading at the same time, pay more attention to social and sustainable development, vigorously carry out energy consumption, reducing pollution and emission reduction, the full implementation of cleaner production. In 2007, the company through Guangdong Province "cleaning production enterprise" acceptance. In 2014, the company invested 120 million organising the 36000 square meters large-scale wastewater treatment system project. Wastewater treatment system using chemical pretreatment, introducing Netherlands IC anaerobic technology depth and advanced oxidation process for advanced wastewater treatment processes such as July 2015 have been completed and put into operation, testing sewage has reached by the Environmental Protection Department in Guangdong Province, the latest emission standards. Companies rely on strong technical force . 


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