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Safe Production

Safe production is to protect the safety and health of employees, Silver Island Paper for many years always adhere to the people-oriented, always adhere to the safety management model. In 2010, the company passed the occupational health and safety management system and environmental management system certification; in 2014, the company was "safe production standardization of three enterprises (light industry paper)" certificate. Safety production is the first barrier of enterprise life, but also the top priority of production management.

First, the development of sound production safety system

Silver Island Paper in order to implement the national production safety policy, strengthen the company's production equipment, working environment and other aspects of the safety management, protection of company and employee life and property safety, and promote the company's development, development of the relevant safety management system, set up special operations The safety rules of each post, clear the duties of production safety, standardize the safe production behavior, establish and maintain safety in production order, so that the work of the production safety have rules to follow.

Second, the establishment of professional fire team

Group of companies to establish a professional fire team, to recruit professional firefighters in our city, with professional fire engines.

Fire prevention work, adhere to the "strict, real, ruthless" management philosophy, conscientiously implement the "three prevention" (ie preventive education, preventive system, preventive hardware) measures and "three permanent" Often Ming, safety rewards and punishments often) work requirements, limited conditions for unlimited service for the company to create a good fire safety environment.

Third, to carry out safety training

In order to ensure the safety of employees in the production activities, to prevent the occurrence of industrial accidents, the company three-level safety training for new employees, and regularly carry out production safety education and training, through a typical case of accidents and continuously enhance staff safety awareness, And effectively improve the company's full self-protection capabilities and safety skills.

Fourth, the establishment of security assessment system

For security, we do not relax, security responsibilities at every level. Safety Supervision Department organized company security officers, monthly inspection of the safety of departments and assessment, and continuously improve the safety of workplace index, always wake up the alarm security.

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