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Energy Saving

Silver Island Paper is a waste paper as raw material for packaging paper production enterprises, in line with national recycling economy and cleaner production enterprises.

The company has been a green paper, eco-paper advocates and pioneers. In 2014, the Division for the further response to national environmental policies, the original sewage treatment system to upgrade the investment upgrade project. The papermaking wastewater treatment project total investment of 120 million, covering 36,000 square meters. The use of physical and chemical pretreatment, the introduction of Holland IC anaerobic patented technology and advanced advanced oxidation and other advanced sewage treatment process, facilities and stable operation, to materialized 45000m3 / d + biochemical 30000m3 / d + advanced oxidation 20000m3 / d treatment capacity, pollution control Indicators to achieve the latest emission standards in Guangdong Province. Through the vibration, noise and noise reduction methods to reduce production equipment, pump noise pollution. In the production process of sludge produced by the press filter after dehydration and production of coal mixed as the boiler fuel, to achieve a comprehensive utilization and recycling of environmental protection concepts.

Companies in access to economic benefits at the same time, pay more attention to social benefits and sustainable development, vigorously carry out energy-saving emission reduction work, the full implementation of cleaner production. In the selection of raw materials and fuels, or in the production process, in accordance with the requirements of cleaner production design; in the material consumption, energy consumption, water consumption targets, pollutant control and comprehensive utilization of waste, etc. are higher than the industry average , And the principle of cleaner production throughout the entire production process.

Through energy-saving emission reduction to promote sustainable development, through technological innovation, while enhancing the overall output value, reduce environmental load and resource consumption, to achieve economic and environmental win-win.

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