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Momentum is getting better presented many highlights - the first half of this year, China's paper industry perspective and outlook, showing a good momentum of development trend many highlights - the first half of this year, China's paper industry perspect

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Source / China Green Times Author / Shen Zhong Kui
In the first half of this year, above-scale industrial enterprises realized a total profit of 2.99982 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.2%. Among them, paper and paper products industry in 41 major categories of industrial sectors in yoy to occupy positions in the upper reaches, the main revenue grew 6%, gross profit increased by 7.5%, ranking respectively ranked 13 and 18. Paper industry development momentum is getting better, in industry, science and technology, enhance the core competitiveness and international expansion are exhibiting many highlights, but still faces pressure sustainable and healthy development, the specific performance of the industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, energy conservation policy implementation closely, market competition will be further intensified.
In the first half, China's paper industry is mainly characterized by six characteristics.
Around the intensive implementation of energy saving policies, pulp and paper companies to increase environmental pressures. December 31, 2015, the Guangdong provincial government issued a formal implementation of the "Water Pollution Prevention Plan of Action to implement the program," special rectification include pulp and paper, including the ten key industries. Before the end of 2016 banned all countries do not meet industrial policy or local production projects, the completion of clean transformation; before the end of 2017, the pulp and paper industry and strive to complete the transformation of elemental chlorine bleach or other low pollution pulping technology. March 29 this year, the Henan provincial government issued the "2016 Annual clean water project in Henan Province plan" put forward before the end of banned or shut down, including small paper mills, including "eight small" enterprises. June 30, the Ministry officially announced the "Green Industry Development Plan (2016-2020)", requiring comprehensive energy consumption of paper and paperboard "Thirteen Five" period will be reduced by 10%, from the current 530 kg per ton of standard coal to reduce 2020 480 kg per tonne of coal.
Because of environmental pressures, cost factors and market demand, dissolving pulp, white cardboard, coated paper, duplex board, corrugated paper and cardboard and other paper and pulp price trend up to improve the profitability of the company. May 23, APP, Chenming Paper, Ningbo Zhonghua and Sun nations have announced price increases of white cardboard letters, raised the price of 100 yuan per ton of pulp. June 30, Fujian Liansheng Paper packaging paper price increases announced. Meanwhile, Fujian Liansheng all grades increase 50 yuan per ton. Eagle, Rongcheng, Nine Dragons, Jianhui, Jinzhou, Silver Island, Century Sunshine, Golden Phoenix eight containerboard, corrugated paper business to follow up product prices by 50 yuan per ton -100 yuan. Yongzheng Zhejiang, Zhejiang Jiang Chunsheng, Zhe Jiang Honghao three companies will price increase 200 yuan per ton of paper. Nine Dragons, Chenming and gold and other markets in advance to lock in August, tons of paper price increases will be $ 100.
Newspaper circulation, advertising volume decreased, newsprint production also will decline. According to the China Newspaper Association, the first half of the total amount of paper newspaper home country 89 big paper fell 14.3%, the domestic newspaper circulation, newspaper advertising decline far more than expected and the beginning Paper. According to statistics, from January - June Chinese newsprint production was 1.482 million tons, down 12.7%.
Household paper industry increased survival of the fittest, upgrading of product structure. Tissue leading corporate earnings growth above the industry average. After processing and packaging links appear more differentiated products to promote the concept of environmental qualities of tissue rapidly. High-end products increasing the proportion of the market share, improve industrial concentration, market competition more fierce. Enterprises active production line distribution, and there are always new paper giants, such as Lee & Man Paper, Sun Paper and Tai Group to enter. June 21, Shun Jie Sophie (Sichuan) Paper Co., Ltd. 60,000 tons of high-grade household paper project announced production; Lee & Man Paper original main production of packaging paper industry, significant inroads into the household paper market, has in Chongqing, Jiangxi and Guangdong deploy 12 tissue machine production line is expected to be fully operational in 2017, with an annual output will reach 575,000 tons.
Paper production chain continue extending upstream and downstream, and actively expand overseas business, the industry has become a new bright spot. June 16, Stora Enso North Sea forestry-paper integration project 450,000 tons of high-grade cardboard production line officially put into operation. Tralin Paper based on the true nature of crop stalk pulp and paper products, recycling economy mode, invest $ 2 billion in the United States, Virginia construction 600,000 tons papermaking project. Sun Paper announced the establishment of a pulp mill in Arkansas, destined for domestic production of wood pulp in 2017 to start construction, is expected to put into operation in 2019. Nine Dragons Paper Ho Chi Minh City branch of Bank of China to get $ 168 million syndicated loan, investment and construction of two projects in Vietnam Zhengyang mill, the product will be covered with a Vietnam-based Southeast Asian market. Shanyingzhiye announced an investment of 50 million yuan to set up creative packaging company, continue to expand the scope of business and integrate packaging and paper products industry chain.
With the economic transformation and upgrading of industrial entities in depth fine from extensive development mode, new demand for specialty paper and paperboard products will continue to emerge, the market development prospects. This year, Zhejiang Province, the specialty paper as "high-performance paper-based functional new materials" included in the new materials industry, "Thirteen Five" plan directory. Specialty paper does not belong to economies of scale paper grades, with more variety, low-volume, low yield, narrow purpose and other characteristics, but the high technical requirements, or will become a better direction of production to small and medium enterprises focus.
 (Department of Chinese Academy of Forestry researcher at the Institute of Chemical Industry of Forest Products)

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