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During the "Thirteen Five" How China's paper industry buildup

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Paper industry is an important industry and economic development are closely related. In recent years, with the "Made in China 2025" introduced "water ten" and other national strategies, policies and regulations, the paper industry is facing unprecedented resources, environment, energy constraints overall strengthening of multiple pressures, the most prominent is the efficiency of the sector as a whole declined.
"Thirteen Five" period, China's paper industry to achieve industrial upgrading, from big to strong, rapid change for the better by the critical period is the key period of the implementation of innovation-driven development. Paper industry need a new act, to seize the opportunity to ride on the momentum in the spring to meet the new paper.
In recent years, China's paper industry in depth adjustment, structural adjustment and restructuring and upgrading has been noticed. "Twelve Five" period, average annual growth of paper and paperboard 2.9% average annual consumption growth of 2.7%, the main business income of the average annual growth of 7.28%, average annual profit growth of 2.67%. At the same time, restructuring has made new progress, yield rankings, the top 30 enterprise production has more than half of the country's total output of paper; 2015 wood pulp, waste paper pulp, non-wood pulp ratio of 28: 65: 7. Even more gratifying is that the "five-second" the paper industry to achieve increasing production without increasing pollution, or pollution reduction, COD emissions intensity has dropped below the level of developed countries.
"Thirteen Five" period China is building a moderately prosperous society in a decisive phase. For the Chinese paper industry, is to achieve industrial upgrading, from big to strong, rapid change for the better by the critical period is the key period of the implementation of innovation-driven development, the development of significantly increased the difficulty.
China Light Industry Federation, vice president Qian Gui Jing said that China's paper industry, "Thirteen Five" The main objective in the new normal, to ensure the smooth development towards high-end industry, accelerate industrial upgrading. "Thirteen Five" main task is to focus efforts in two aspects: First, the high-end as the core, speed up the training of new economic growth points; the second is to improve efficiency as the core, to accelerate the development of new competitive advantages.
Foster growth, the key is to develop new products
The current worldwide lack of demand for paper and paperboard, under the impact of the IT industry, newsprint and writing paper production continued to decline in 2014, global newsprint production fell 6.4% in our country in 2014 and 2015 dropped 9.73% and 9.23%, respectively ; printing and writing paper in 2014, global production fell 1.6%, China's growth in 2014 and 2015 were only 0.29% and 1.75%. At present, only the specialty paper and packaging paper and paperboard, household paper three categories maintained slow growth.
According to the paper industry, "Thirteen Five" plan proposed, during the "Thirteen Five" paper and paperboard growth forecast to 1% -1.5%.
Gui Jing Qian said that in the "Thirteen Five" overall growth limited background, stock adjustment is "Thirteen Five" key, through the elimination of backward production capacity, optimize the structure adjustment, promote industrial upgrading, and continuously improve the quality of development and efficiency, based on the realization of a new rebalancing. Cultivate new growth points, is the development of new technologies, new products, new formats, new model, the key is to develop new products. Paper will be the future development of new products to achieve new breakthroughs in the following areas.
Focus on high-performance paper-based functional materials development. Nano technology, giving paper new features. Printing performance and the development of new technology, accelerate applications in electronic tags, energy reserves, biomedical testing, etc., and strive to develop the special features of paper and paperboard specialty paper, electronic information, decorative, industrial paper and packaging materials, biomass, etc. to achieve new breakthroughs.
Focus on lifestyle paper market segmentation of the depth of the development.
Focus on high barrier, safety, hygiene and food packaging development and packaging cardboard containers.
Focus on low weight, based on the weight of the packaging structure of the research and development, further improve the packaging performance and weight ratio.
In addition, develop new growth point, attention should also extend the industrial chain, and strive to achieve the properties of paper and cardboard from raw material to end product transition, focusing on the production and service changes simple production, in order to win more space for development.
Cultivate new advantages efforts in three areas
The current paper industry is facing rising structural tightening trend and factors of production costs, resources, environment, energy constraints overall strengthening of multiple pressures, the most prominent is the efficiency of the sector overall decline. Paper and paperboard in 2015 the main business income grew 2.33%, lower than the "second five" main business income of an average 7.28% 4.85 percentage points. "Twelve Five" annual main business income margin growth was only 5.34%, lower than that of light industry average annual profit margin 1.15 percentage points.
Qian Gui Jing said, "Thirteen Five" paper industry must reduce production costs, improve efficiency and accelerate the development of the whole industry new competitive advantages in a prominent position.
Foster new competitive advantage, first, rely on technological progress, persist in using updated technology to transform traditional industries, to create technology, the advantages of the new equipment. To a new generation of clean pulping, fiber component cleaning separator, innovation and integrated pulp and paper and energy conservation and emission reduction technology, high efficiency, high-value use of fiber composite materials and bio-refining technology and new materials derived from biomass, etc. breakthrough; to make a breakthrough in the enrichment system, energy-saving low noise vacuum systems, efficient watering system, new drying technology and equipment, the crystallization evaporation technology and equipment and the like; speed up large-scale mechanical pulping equipment and production lines of large cryogenic replacement cooking, new legislation even the new generation of style-based steam clean pulping technology and equipment development and promotion; accelerate the integration of two of the depth, speed up enterprises as the mainstay of the industry-wide innovation system.
The second is to improve the efficiency of resource allocation, accelerate improvements in total factor productivity. The paper industry is capital and technology intensive industries, long production process, industry related degree, set all kinds of elements of forestry, agriculture, water, energy, land, capital, and human resources in one, so the efficient use of resources and energy, to improve the value chain improve the efficiency of resource allocation for the paper industry is particularly important. Resource allocation efficiency embodied in the total factor productivity of labor. It is to labor productivity, resource utilization, capital utilization, energy efficiency, input-output ratio of capital to replace the manual, such as a comprehensive integrated talent bonus optimized to maximize the overall efficiency, which is to reduce costs and improve competitive advantage the main measures.
The third is to further convert profit model, develop new profit source, improve profitability. Current to "improve quality, reduce consumption," as the main content to reduce variable costs and "expand the scale, increase production," as the main content of the traditional profit model to reduce fixed costs, is facing serious challenges, resulting general decline in profitability. Therefore, we must accelerate the conversion profit model, and strive to cultivate new profit source of growth: To strive to cultivate resources allocation source of profits, by improving the quality and efficiency of resource allocation features to improve profitability; to foster the production of value-added benefits and services profit source, to accelerate the extension of industrial chain, accelerate the transition to a services-oriented simple production, expanding profit margins, improve profitability; to strengthen brand building, and strive to cultivate brand spillover benefits profit source.
Cultivate new impetus to the reform of the supply-side for the lead
In the second session of the NPC session, Premier Li Keqiang in the "Government Work Report" made this year to strengthen the supply-side structural reforms to enhance sustained growth momentum. Around to solve the outstanding contradictions and problems in key areas, to speed up to get rid of structural and institutional obstacles to the supply-side structural reforms to improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system, to further stimulate the market dynamism and social creativity.
Qian Gui Jing said, "Government Work Report" can be seen, the supply-side reform basic goals and tasks is to further improve the level of supply, the supply of the effectiveness of the quality and supply, is the departure from the demand side "meta power", by innovative supply birth of a new demand. Light is the main battlefield of the supply-side reforms, the current must focus on "increasing varieties, improve quality, create brand" to further enhance the level of supply, to create new value and competitive advantage.
"Thirteen Five" in the paper industry to the supply-side structural reforms based on a firm grasp of technology and promote innovation as the core of a comprehensive innovation, accelerate the development of power conversion, adhere to innovation-driven development.
First, firmly grasp the general direction of technological progress. Science and technology are universal, times, there must be a global perspective, keeping up with contemporary developments and trends in the latest developments in the paper industry, the rapid development of the "Industry 4.0" Industrial Internet, cloud computing, big data, etc., press " China 2025 "deployment requirements, in order to merge into two of the depth direction, speed up the construction of paper industry internet. To ERP, to further improve the information management system based on the mend MES manufacturing execution systems and other shortcomings, and make ERP and MES integration for efficiency-driven, intelligent manufacturing lay a solid foundation.
Second, firmly grasp the general trend of the industrial revolution. In "Industry 4.0" and the Internet industry as a symbol of a new round of technological revolution is profoundly changing the mode of production and manufacturing industrial patterns, and will greatly improve the production, management level, will be the traditional mode of production and management have a huge impact. Paper industry as the traditional industry to meet the challenges and achieve new progress in improving the value chain, and explore the "service-oriented" create a new model to accelerate the pace of international operations, and other aspects of building an innovation-oriented enterprises.
Third, firmly grasp the people gathered big move. Innovation-driven essence of talent-driven, human resources are the primary resources, innovation-driven activity is the most active, the most positive factor. The paper industry to accelerate the talent, technology, capital and other resources for innovation and creative elements of the gathering, to speed up the innovation system with enterprises as the main body.
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