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Focus on the main task facing the development of China's paper industry, "Thirteen Five" period

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"Thirteen Five" period to achieve well-off society in China last sprint of five years, China is storming towards the middle-income countries with high income threshold, while the value of new round of industrial revolution and change the tide of scientific and technological development and accelerate the transformation of China formed an important node in the historic intersection; the Chinese paper industry to achieve industrial upgrading, to grow stronger by the fast-changing good critical period; critical period is the implementation of innovation-driven development, the development of significantly increased the difficulty.

      The main objective of China's paper industry, "Thirteen Five" period is to ensure stable development in the new normal, into the high-end industries, speed up industrial upgrading. The main task of "Thirteen Five" period of stress two points: First, the high-end as the core, speed up the training of new economic growth points; the second is to improve efficiency as the core, to accelerate the development of new competitive advantages.

      Task one: high-end as the core, to speed up the cultivation of new economic growth point

      Cultivate new growth points, is the development of new technologies, new products, new formats, new model, the key is to develop new products. Paper future development of new products to achieve new breakthroughs in the following areas.

      ● focus on high-performance paper-based functional materials development. Nano-technology paper gives new features. Such as optics, electronics, insulation, sensor, thermal conductivity, surface texture and so on. Printing performance and the development of new technology, accelerate applications in electronic tags, energy reserves, biomedical testing, etc., and strive to develop the special features of paper and paperboard specialty paper, electronic information, decorative, industrial paper and packaging materials, biomass, etc. to achieve new breakthroughs.

      ● focus on life paper market segmentation with the depth of the development.

      ● focus on high barrier, safety, health, development and cardboard food packaging and packaging container.

      ● focus on low weight, based on the weight of the packaging structure of the research and development, further improve the ratio of performance and quality packaging. Use a stronger infrastructure to achieve new breakthroughs replace corrugated paper, cardboard boxes and folding cartons and other traditional products currently. Cultivate new growth points, attention should also extend the industrial chain, and strive to achieve the properties of paper and cardboard from raw material to end product transition, focus shift from purely production-oriented to service-oriented production, in order to win more space for development.

      The current paper industry is facing structural crunch and rising cost of production factors, resources, environment, energy constraints the overall strengthening of the double pressure. Outstanding performance is the efficiency of the sector overall decline in 2015, paper and paperboard main business revenue grew 2.33%, than the "second five" paper and paperboard main business income of 7.28% average annual growth rate of 4.85 percentage points lower. Paper and paperboard "Twelfth Five-Year" period the average annual profit rate of only 5.34 percent, more than the entire annual light industry profit margins low 1.15 percent. To this end, "Thirteen Five" during the paper industry must reduce production costs, improve efficiency and accelerate the development of the whole industry new competitive advantages in a prominent position.

      Task Two: to improve efficiency as the core, to accelerate the development of new competitive advantages

      Ø rely on technological progress, persist in using updated technology to transform traditional industries, to create technology, the advantages of the new equipment

      "Thirteen Five" period to concentrate on the following:

      ● To a new generation of clean pulping, fiber component cleaning separator, innovation and integrated pulp and paper and energy conservation and emission reduction technology, high efficiency, high-value use of biomass fiber composite material refining technologies and new materials derived from biomass and other aspects of a breakthrough.

      ● to make a breakthrough in the enrichment system, energy-saving low noise vacuum systems, efficient watering system, new drying technology and equipment, evaporation and crystallization equipment.

      ● speed up large-scale mechanical pulp production line equipment and a large low-temperature cooking replacement, new vertical and even steam-based next-generation clean pulping technology and equipment research and development and promotion.

      ● accelerate the integration of two of the depth, speed up enterprises as the mainstay of the industry-wide innovation system.

      Ø improve the efficiency of resource allocation, accelerate improvements in total factor productivity

      The paper industry is capital and technology intensive industries, long production process, industry related degree, involving various elements of forestry, agriculture, water, energy, land, capital, and human resources, and therefore efficient use of resources and energy, to improve the value chain, improve resource allocation efficiency is particularly important for the paper industry. Resource allocation efficiency embodied in the total factor productivity of labor, is to labor productivity, resource utilization, capital utilization, energy efficiency, input-output ratio of capital to replace the manual, such as a comprehensive integrated talent bonus optimized to comprehensive maximize efficiency, which is to reduce costs and improve the competitive advantage of the most important measures.

      Ø further converted profit model, develop new profit source, improve profitability

      Current to "improve quality, reduce consumption," as the main content to reduce variable costs and "expand the scale, increase production," as the main content of the traditional profit model to reduce fixed costs, is facing severe challenges, resulting general decline in profitability. So we must speed up the conversion profit model, and strive to cultivate new profit source. First, we must strive to cultivate resources allocation source of profits, by improving the quality and efficiency of resource allocation features to improve profitability. The second is to foster the production of value-added benefits and services profit source, to accelerate the extension of industrial chain, from production to speed up the production of pure service-oriented transformation, expanding profit margins, improve profitability. The third is to strengthen brand building, and strive to cultivate brand spillover benefits profit source.

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